Techer Testimonial – Jeanne Reed

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Jeanne Reed, @jeannereed1, is an electrical engineer turned educator, now educational technologist sharing her passion and perspective on technology in education to inspire and improve student learning. She’s all about the joy of learning. An enthusiastic, high-energy educator, she spent three exciting years as a computer lab specialist for the Manhattan Beach Unified School District teaching 300 fabulous K-5 students. Currently, she is an Educational Technologist consultant for the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. She shares her passion for comprehensive integration of technology to promote excellence and support transformational change throughout the instructional PreK-12 environment. She has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Illinois.

Her current responsibilities include assisting educators and administrators in using technology effectively for assessing student learning, differentiating instruction, and providing meaningful and engaging learning experiences. Also, she develops technology-related professional development opportunities and evaluates the impact on instructional practice and student learning.

Favorite Tech Tools:

I believe that collaboration and organization are key for students and teachers so my all time favorite tech tools list starts with Google Apps for Education, especially Google Drive on the iPad, and using amazing scripts to personalize experiences for teachers and students. My top free astronomically awesome apps that have helped me tremendously and given me an advantage in my position are: Evernote, Haiku Deck, and iMovie. In addition, there are a few paid apps that are worth every penny and then some: Creative Book Builder, Comic Life, Explain Everything, and Notability.

Upcoming Projects:

I am having an uber fun school year! It’s crazy that 6 year olds are learning to program.  I’m crushed when a student wants to give up, but sometimes, with the right encouragement, they continue to try and succeed. In the K-5 classrooms that I support, I will continue to introduce computer programming using some iPad apps like Kodable, Hopscotch and Light-bot. In early December, I started an Hour of Code event which is truly extraordinary. I still have a few more classrooms to get to. In addition, I will concentrate on the always important Digital Citizenship. I am a huge fan of Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship iPad app and their web application.

I am also working hard on the MBUSD District Technology Night where some staff will be sharing their technology expertise with parents. This year my focus will be on helping introduce computer programming to parents and showing them a few free apps to help their children get a fun introduction to coding. After that, I have my monthly Appy Hours, “App Speed Dating,” that I am thoroughly enjoying because it gives teachers’ a choice and time to use the apps: Choice to pick which one of the apps appeals to them most and more time to get a little more comfortable with it before deciding to use it with their students.

And finally, I am looking toward summer where I will support the CUE Rock Star event in Manhattan Beach held at Manhattan Beach Unified School District.  What a wonderful learning and exploring opportunity, don’t you agree?


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