Guest Blogger – 4th Grader Kamrie Spearman

* I asked my students to write a technology review for the year. I have several others that I am going to post later on, but I just had to post this one now. -Mrs. Marino


My favorite thing we did with technology this year was Skypw with Ms. Jena and do Critterkin stuff. It was awesome! First, Ms. Jena taught us how to draw dogs with her computer. She would pick a color then do a step by step on how to draw the dog. Then, we wrote a story about the dog we drew and showed Ms. Jena on the computer screen. Next, we made an animal for the Critterkin mural and did a Popplet about it. I drew a pug named Coffee and on the Popplet I typed the he loves drinking coffee and licking toes!! I also typed that his best friend is a hamster named Mango. Mango is the other animal I drew. Last, and my favorite was when Mrs. Marino was on TV with Ms. Jena. Everyone in fourth grade was all crowded into Mrs. Marino’s room to watch it on the computer. When Mrs. Marino got back, we all tried to get her autograph. Some people even made stories about it on their iPads. Wow! That was so much fun. I hope we can always do cool stuff with technology.


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