Change is Scary

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Change is terrifying. But it’s good. I have learned in the past couple of years that I never want to be complacent. I hope that I always want to learn and grow and evolve as a person and a professional. Whether it is in the classroom, administration, or as a coach I never want to stop. Because when that passion stops, when the excitement of learning ends – we are done. Four years ago I could not even set my computer up in my classroom when the school year started. The amount of wires overwhelmed me. Thankfully my husband would come up at the start of every year and tame that wild beast for me. However, things started happening at WISD. We received iPads, and it turned my classroom and my career upside down. I fell in love with learning again. I fell in love with technology (something I stayed far away from) and with hands on learning. I let Cherie bring a SMART Board into my classroom, and I actually used it! Then Karen Ford signed me up for grad school. Something I said that I would never do. But I did. I finished, and I now have a degree in Educational Technology Leadership. What? The girl who could not set up a computer? It is so crazy to me still.

And then this happened – Last week I did the scariest thing of my professional career. I applied for a new job, and Friday I found out that I got it! I will be an Instructional Technologist at WISD alongside Cherie Stanley. I am beyond excited, scared, nervous, and very emotional. My heart is in the classroom with kiddos, and it always will be. However, with this new position I will be able to be in a ton of classrooms instead of just mine. I am praying that God will use me, and that I will really be able to help teachers and students in the area of technology use.

Two things have weighed heavy on my heart throughout this process. Not being solely with kids all day will be strange. I have taught all the Schroeder kids, but I won’t get to teach Brock next year. And the Kings…I will miss out on teaching the youngest two. There are several other families in Warren with precious children that I won’t get to work with one-on-one now, including my Maggie. Also, my women. They have mothered me the past eight years. They have been with me through firsts, lasts, births, deaths, heartaches, and happiness. God knew I needed them. They are my best friends, my moms, and my mentors.

Although my heart is heavy, and change always terrifies me, I know that good things are on the horizon. Exciting things are happening at WISD, and there is no other place I would want to teach or send my kids to school. Cherie and I are excited about the future. I can’t wait to dig deep and research different approaches and tools that teachers and students can utilize. I have purchased a website that I will launch by the end of May that will house tech tips, lesson plans, and activities that teachers from all over are using in their class. I hope this will inspire teachers to bring some technology into their class. One thing I know for sure, if this non-techy teacher can do it – anyone can.


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