The Opportunity of a Teacher!



As I sit here and write, tears fill my eyes from the thoughts of the future of education for our students. Teaching is not a job and it is not an obligation. Teaching is an opportunity to inspire young kids to dream big, believe in themselves, and to know anything in life is possible.  Teaching is an opportunity to show compassion and kindness. Teaching is a chance to share life lessons and model integrity. Teaching is NOT a babysitting job.  It is NOT, “Oh you just teach because you are off in the summer and get paid!” Our salaries are already low and get divided over 12 months. I am blessed to have a husband that has great job and I am the 2nd income. What about the ones that are both in education or on a single income? This new house bill will have a huge impact on families across our state. Teachers put personal time after hours and during summers for our students. We do this because we love our students and we want the best learning experience possible.  We push our students to be better.

What is teaching? Teaching is so much more! I am rewarded every day with smiles, warm hugs, and “I love you, Mrs. Moses!” I get the opportunity to watch students grow in learning.  My students become a part of my family. There has not been a day go by in my career that I have not heard my name being called in a grocery store.  Their eyes light up and it makes them happy to make that connection even for just a moment.

Teaching should be valued.  Do you value the education of our students?  As a parent, do you want the best for your child? Shouldn’t we have their interest at heart always? If we value education, then we should value teachers.  We will continue to lose wonderful, compassionate teachers if state bills continue to pass devaluing educators in the education field. The teachers are at the core and heart of the system and truly care for the students.

We can’t let them take our spirit.  We are the champions of our classrooms and we CAN fight for the future of our kids.


2 thoughts on “The Opportunity of a Teacher!

  1. I’ve always valued my role as an educator. I’m a person that works towards shaping lives not merely as learners but people who contribue to our global society. We are blessed to have a mission that truly impacts our world today and tomorrow in so many ways.
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post!

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