If the WhiteBoard could talk in room 115 ……….


By: Angela Moses

I thought one day as I was about to write on my whiteboard, “What would this board tell me if it could speak?”  What I mean by this, is you have teachers from the past that have written on this board.  The whiteboard has layers and layers of learning. I would love to uncover these layers! So much learning to discover! Has the whiteboard changed over the years….yes!  Is the meaning still the same…yes! I think it is!  It has always been about connecting the learning from our palette to the minds of our students. We now have interactive boards, whiteboards instead of chalkboards, and multiple ways for students to connect to our boards.  Also, the connections I have made by connecting my students across the world will forever live on in my classroom!  The teachers, authors, and students we have Skyped or had GHO’s with are now a part of room 115. There have been amazing teachers that I now have the privilege of  following in room 115.  One teacher, Mrs. Brunet, was my 1st grade teacher.  She loved all our students unconditionally.  She taught with passion and for 43 years I believe.  I have wonderful memories from being in her class many, many years ago!  When she taught from the “OLD SCHOOL CHALKBOARD” it was meaningful.  A more recent teacher, Traci Cross, continued that passion with her 2nd grade teachers.  She has moved to another school and continues to love her students. She is a wonderful teacher that will impact her students from a simple hug to engaged learning on a daily basis.  I am honored to follow the great teachers of room 115.  I will continue to teach my students with passion, drive, and complete motivation for them to become successful.  My hope is that one day when I am no longer in room 115, the new teacher will feel the spirit from ROOM 115 Teachers’ past!


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