Flip the instructor…..when students become teachers!

When students become the teacher!

By: Angela Moses

http://youtu.be/BihBI-k-_xY       FACT FAMILIES

http://youtu.be/O9_HhO56m5k      Sneaky E

http://youtu.be/ExrCEa4cTlk?list=UUxJo6VYJCXS2t37Z9rMUU5Q       Reading Ambassadors

Last year my students started making videos.  We used Animoto to create videos out of our reading and math concepts. One of the first videos we made was about Antonyms.  They rotated in a circle with opposite words to show the antonyms.  It was fun, creative for students, and they understood the lesson! We have kicked it up a notch this year.  Our first student led lesson was the concept of fact families.  I had a small group of 3 students create the YouTube video.  They used my camera on my iPad to record the lesson.  It is a complete student led lesson from the word ACTION. My students love to create videos.  They are proud and take ownership of their learning.  It is powerful to watch the learning unfold from the perspective of the student. As a teacher, I can grasp an understanding of their knowledge of the concept. This week, they created a video covering SNEAKY E.  It is super cute!  Do they get nervous…NO!  They love that they are in control of their learning.  We are giving them a voice in the classroom!

This year I have also started Reading Ambassadors.  They are recording DRA level 3-14 books for our Pre-K through 1st grade listening centers.  We are using the app called 30 Hands.  Thanks to Matt Gomez for sharing this wonderful app.  The students capture page by page of the book, they record each page, and then upload to camera roll.  It is super easy and takes no time to create from start to finish.  We will be inserting each recording on a QR code to be placed on a label.  The students will be able to scan and listen. It is amazing to watch other students listen to the books that their friends recorded.  They are learning, building fluency, and helping others students in the process.


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