Parent + Teacher = a great team for success!

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By: Angela Moses

A relationship between a teacher and student is special!  We create connections that will last a lifetime.  What about the connections we make with parents?  Do you make an effort to invite the parents into the classroom?  If the goal between the teacher and the parents is success for the student, communication is a must.  It means call back when there is no answer or number has been changed.  It means email, mail letters, and meet after school if needed. We do not give up on our children so why would we do the same with parents?? I think starting off with positives is great for the relationship with parents. All students have positives…SHARE the POSITIVES with parents!  I also speak from a parents point of view.  I love to feel part of Trotter’s learning, his daily routine, and how I can help him at home.  It will not be a successful year if you keep a wall up between you and the parents.  You need to start communication from before day one. I realized something today as I watched my students talk and play with friends during recess. What a special process we get to see unfold each year with our kids! We get to see our students grow up to be young adults.  We get to experience many adventures along the way.  These are memories that I will cherish forever.  My door is open to my parents.  My hope is that they feel part of our classroom each and every day! I am very thankful to a wonderful group of parents that I have now and from previous years.  I am a better teacher because of my students! Their smiles and thrive for learning drive my passion to be better each day!

There are several ways to communicate with parents:

REMIND – A great way to send safe messages to your parents.  I love to send my students a message during the holidays. Also, I have smaller group accounts set up for Robotics, UIL, and after school tutorials.  It is by far the best communication tool for parents and teachers.

CLASS DOJO – I love to use ClassDojo for behavior management in my classroom.  It is very effective for students.  It is user-friendly and sends instant information to parents.  It has a great feature for messaging parents.  They can ask questions about positive and negative rewards.

ANIMOTO – This is my favorite video tool.  I love to share student work with my parents.  I create videos each six weeks of pictures from their learning.  The students also create their own videos over different concepts.  Great app! They have an educational account for teachers.

A few other great apps for sharing student work –

30 Hands

Write About This




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