We must recognize the differences!

futQuote by: Robert Kiyosaki

BY: Angela Moses

The first six weeks is almost over.  It is time to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do I know my students’ learning style? Each child is different in their own unique way.  It is up to us as teachers to recognize and embrace each child in how they learn.  We can teach our lessons in many different ways to reach all students. Will it take more time….YES! If you fail to adapt to their learning styles, you will keep going in circles and learning will not happen! This year has been challenging.  I’m changing, modifying, and reassessing my teaching style to make sure my students are getting the “BEST” from me!
  • Am I teaching them effectively? Communicating effectively? I often say to myself, “Are they getting it?” I have 20 precious students staring at me on a daily basis.  Some ask questions, some don’t.  Am I effectively reaching all 20?  I pray daily that I give my students the best possible.  They deserve my undivided communication, attention, and sometimes just someone to LISTEN!
  • Am I doing everything possible for them to be successful! When a students is unsuccessful, what do you do?  Reteach? Move on?  Reassess?  I always take a step back, reflect on teaching, and view from a different perspective.  Did I not get the concept clear enough?  I never move on and leave them confused!  Especially at a 2nd grade level.  We are building a foundation on which learning continues. Each level must be solid before adding another level.
  • Do I need to change or modify how or what I am teaching? How do we know we need to change our lesson? If a student does not understand, we must present it in a different way.  If we have our students engaged in the lesson, they are learning, then they will be successful!  If they are not understanding, they are not engaged, thus unsuccessful! I want my students engaged.  If that means taking a step back…..then step back for success!

I will continue to teach each day in a way that my students are successful!  Today is the day, tomorrow is the future!  Help our students today on a level that they can feel confident in their learning so that tomorrow they are successful!


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