Redefinition – Students teaching Students



Mrs. Marino’s Class

One of my goals this year was to start a school-wide YouTube channel. So far. so good! Our assistant principal has used the channel to flip faculty meetings and to get pertinent information out to parents. My sister that just moved her daughter to the district even commented on how helpful the parent transportation video was. Makes me extremely happy to know that this idea is being well-received. Every week I have used the channel to post a video over our homophones for the week. The students have viewed them at home, and we watch the video together as a group, too. When I play the video in my classroom the students respond back to the “me” on the video which is pretty cool. Often times while they are totally engaged in the short video I am getting papers or manipulatives ready for the next activity. It’s like there are two of me in the room. Today we took it a step further. Today 3 of my students made the YouTube video for the week. They used Explain Everything. I gave them about one minute of instructions, and they took off with it. It is absolutely PRECIOUS. They even mimic the way I usually do the videos. The other students were thrilled and of course all want a chance to CREATE. That’s the key word in SAMR and on the top of BLOOM’S. Creation. These three girls took the knowledge that they have learned in class and made it their own. They did a fabulous job explaining and even gave their own examples. I could not be more proud, and I cannot wait for more students to make videos for our YouTube channel. It’s a powerful thing.


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