QR Codes + Take Home Folders = AHA MOMENT FOR MRS. MOSES!

gr foldinigma










I had a moment last week while making label for my take home folders.  It was an awesome moment!  As I started making labels on Avery.com/templates, I noticed a barcode section.  I had never thought about putting barcodes on my folders.  This is great!  I made my first one for a reading website to help parents with reading strategies at home.  It will be placed on the inside of folder.  I am also making one for the front that will have my contact info, our class website, our class KidBlog, and our schedule.  I have found a way to connect with my kids at home.  I started thinking how could I bring this to a new level?? My kids are working on the basic sight words.  I can use Croak It with a recording of my voice saying sight words and put it on a QR code. A big shout out to Daisy for suggesting Croak It!  When they scan, a picture of sight words will appear and they will hear me reading the words. This a great way to help our kids at home.  It will also be placed in a center in our classroom.  QR Codes are quick and easy to make.  It is kinda like cloning yourself in the classroom.  There are numerous ways to incorporate them in our daily routine.  I will also be adding a math QR code for helpful apps and websites.  I like to use  i-nigma for the barcode scanner.  It is user-friendly for kids. Check back for more ways to use QR Codes in classroom and with the take home folders.


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