From students to generosity of others…..It’s been a great start to the school year!


My positives for the week! By Angela Moses

1. First day of school was crazy good! I love my students! They all have different personalities that will create an awesome year of learning! They like to collaborate and share! I’m going to enjoy getting to know all of 20 of them! They have already become part of my heart forever! They are full of joy, happiness, and knowledge!

2. is AWESOME!! My eyes have been opened to the amazing kindness of others! It’s because of their generosity our students will have the tools for success! They give without thinking! They are across the world giving to students in Warren, Texas! I want to thank our community support for our students. I received donations from parents, @KindergartenRocks (follow on Twitter…amazing person), and The Selz Foundation(thank you to the moon and back for completing the funding). Thanks to and the donations from wonderful people, my kiddos are going to have a GREAT year!

3. My family!! I’m blessed to have an amazing husband and 2 wonderful boys to call my family! They support me in everything I do! It’s because of my family’s support I get to do this everyday! I want to thank them for their love and support! My ideas can get crazy sometimes!  It is nice to have such amazing people by my side!

4. Donna Renick- Last night she sent me a message asking about the projects I’m doing in my class. She is a wonderful woman that supports the kids in our community. She gives of her time to help when help is needed! She said she wants to donate to our class project! My heart is full by her kindness for our students! She is giving our students the opportunity to create in a classroom atmosphere that will be open for growth! That is why she will be forever in my heart and the hearts of all our students!

5. My school and fellow educators – Warren ISD is on the move! We have a positive, motivated, and student focused school! We all care and have the same common goal! We have a united vision for our students! We are blessed to have a wonderful school and community!

6. My 2nd grade team – Thank you for everything you do! I’m so glad we get to work together! Our team is works together for the benefit of our students! It’s going to be a great year!

7. A big shout out to Remind for creating such a wonderful communication tool for teachers! Our parents are part of our classroom each day!

8. Sometimes it’s just as simple as getting a Kahoot T-shirt in the mail that can brighten your day! Love Kahoot! It’s engaged learning for students!!

Remember to be positive and SMILE!




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