Mrs. Moses will not give up on us!


By: Angela Moses

It is Friday!  We have survived week one of school!  I hope everyone has had a great start to school!  I love the beginning of each year.  It is a time to reflect on last year and what you need to change or enhance!  Each group of students will be different.  The behaviors are different, how they learn is different, and your class atmosphere is different.  The one thing that will not change is the fact the we love them all and we will never give up on them.  Today we started something new in Room 115.  We have a “Warrior Words” wall for sharing kind words about others. I told the students to share one nice thing about another student in our class.  All of my students were finished in about 5 minutes except for one.  I quietly sat and watched his facial expressions while he was writing.  He carefully thought about what he was writing. We started sharing the kind words as a group and put them on the wall.  He patiently waited until everyone finished.  He came up and said this is for you Mrs. Moses.  As I started reading I felt a tear down my face.  This is what is said, “Mrs. Moses I love you, your are very nice, and you will never give up on us!” He then gave me the biggest bear hug!

He is why I do what I do everyday!  He and all my other students, past and present, are important to me!  It does not matter that we have had a tough week or a crazy schedule. What does matter is that we show our kids kindness, love, and a caring heart.  We need them as much as they need us!

As we continue this year, I hope we all continue to model being a leader and have an open mind when we are with our students.  We need to put a smile on our face even when the times are tough!  We all know it gets tough!  That is why we have each other.  I am talking about our co-educators!  Lean on them!  We will become stronger leaders and role models for our students. We as teachers can let go of so much control, let the walls down, and stand back and watch the learning unfold!  It is powerful to watch students collaborating, using teamwork, and being kind to one another.  We need to be there to guide them along the way.  If we give our students a voice in their learning, then we are opening the door to their future!

Have a wonderful school year!


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