4th grade fun – Popplet, Screen Shots, & Nouns.

16313_697345633675892_3925330455665538526_nMrs. Marino’s 4th graders

The first two days of school were wonderful, but the third day….the third day is when I got to get in my zone. The third day I was able to bring the iPad cart into the class for the first time of the year. It’s a big deal. It’s a big deal to the kids and to me as their teacher. I thought because I did this last year it would not be quite as “magical” for lack of a better word, but boy was I wrong. Their excitement was contagious. I was able to introduce the students to one of my favorite apps named Popplet. It is so simple to use but very impactful. You can use it for any content and any subject. Today we used Popplet to review nouns. Here is how the day went:

1. Introduced students to our iPad rules. There are only three because I like to keep it simple. That way the kids can remember them and learn to be responsible while using them. I also don’t like to put the iPads on a pedestal. To me this is just a tool that helps my students learn. The same as a pencil, dictionary, or ruler.

2. Reviewed what a noun is – a person, place, or thing. Told the students to take a picture of a person and a thing in the classroom.

3. We then went outside to take a picture of a place all while following our new learned iPad rules. And let me tell you…the students did an amazing job following our rules.

4. When we got back to the classroom I walked them through Popplet step by step while using an Apple TV to airplay my iPad screen for all the students to see.

5. Students created their own Popplets over nouns importing the pictures that they took.

Now that I have taught the students to use Popplet they will be able to create with the app without my help. We will use it at least once a week. Students will then submit their Popplets to me via e-mail where I will assess their progress and give them a grade. You just can’t go wrong with this app. I am absolutely looking forward to introducing my students to even more ways to enhance their learning with iPads. Having devices in your classroom does not have to be scary as long as you use the same classroom management skills that you use for anything else.



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