First day of school EVE! By Angela Moses



The first day of school is upon us!  It is an opportunity to share our hearts with our students, to make a difference, and to show them to believe in themselves.  As teachers, it is our responsibility to be a positive role model for our students.  We have all been working to get our rooms ready for the first day.  Do you think about the other aspect of your classroom?  The mindset of your classroom is very important.  Each child comes from a different background.  Some of the students depend on you for answers that develop outside the classroom.  We are not just teachers!  We are givers of hugs, smiles, and a caring heart for our students.  Each year when the door opens, my heart grows by 20-22 times.  I am blessed to have this opportunity to be a teacher.  I feel it truly is a calling!  My students become a part of my family!  I grow each year with my students.  They make a difference in my life.  We laugh, cry, dance, and respect each other in our class!  All students need to know they matter! We also need to be mindful with our co-workers.  Our day to day in the classroom can sometimes be demanding.  We all need to collaborate together for the betterment of the students.  Together being the key word! Our students are thought of first….ALWAYS! Positive team build is great modeling for our students.  If we want our kids to be positive, it must be modeled by teachers! The day before school is like Christmas Eve.  I look forward to the gifts of my classroom, MY STUDENTS! I hope everyone has a great school year. Enjoy your students, take pride in yourself and your students, and always SMILE! 


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