Class Dojo = Creative Classroom Management

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Y’all already know what I do if I have a question or problem when it comes to education….I immediately hit up my Twitter feed for immediate feedback. Hashtag powerful. So, one of my absolute favorite teacher friends called me earlier for some advice on classroom management with technology. Last year Class Dojo reached out to me through Twitter and asked if I would like to Skype with them about their product. Of course I said yes and Kaylee, who was my student teacher at the time, had the opportunity to sit and listen to the whole thing. As a student teacher she was very impressed by the options that Class Dojo gave for classroom management. As a first year teacher she wants to use a system that’s fresh, fun, and effective. She had a few questions about setting up her classroom through Dojo so of course I headed to Twitter to get her some quick answers. Let me tell you, Class Dojo did not let me down. They responded to me in two minutes with an email and within 10 minutes I was Skyping with Jenna in California about this great tool. Everyone knows how busy teachers are in August so to have such a quick response was priceless. One of our questions was about “shared managers”. What this means is that teachers within the same grade level can share student accounts. The reading teacher, math teacher, and science teacher can all give and take away points throughout the day. This is a great collaboration tool for team teachers and the fact that you can share students’ behavior with their parents throughout the day is amazing. I am going to give you the steps to share student accounts below. I also urge you to check out this video on Erin Klein’s website for more information on Class Dojo’s new features. Follow Class Dojo on Facebook and Twitter. You will not be disappointed!

Steps for co-teachers to share classes:

1. All teachers must have a Class Dojo account set up 

2. One teacher enters the students into a classroom

3. Locate the class tile (or icon)

4. There is a small triangle in the top right corner of the class tile

5. Click on the triangle

6. A drop down menu will appear

7. Click on share

8. Type in the email of the teachers that you want to share the class with

8. The teachers will receive the email and all they have to do is accept


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