Step by Step Instructions: YouTube Video into an Aurasma

YouTube to MP4 to Aurasma to AWESOME

by: Daisy Marino

You want to impress your students? Make them think you are super tech savvy? Try embedding a YouTube video into a worksheet, a book, a poster in your class, really anything. This is a great way to supplement instruction or flip a lesson. It is super easy, and it takes very few steps:

-Find the YouTube video that you want to use. I usually use short clips from National Geographic Kids.

-Copy the URL

-Convert the YouTube video into an MP4. This is easy. Just google YouTube to MP4. I prefer this one:   (it only does shorter videos, but that is all I use)

-Download the MP4 and save to your desktop

-When you are creating the overlay for your aura in the Aurasma Studio choose video. Then browse for the MP4 that you want to use. Save it!

That’s it. Super easy and super effective!!

Recently I have made videos with the Explain Everything App and embedded them using Aurasma. Super easy as well, and I will blog about that soon.

Hope everyone has a great week 🙂


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