Daisy’s ISTE – My Top 10



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My first ISTE adventure


10. So, I got lost. The one time Summer Diamond was not with me -I got lost. In downtown Atlanta. In the rain. With no umbrella.

9. I sat in an amazing Google session that seriously blew my mind. I left there pumped. I have a list a mile long of things I want to do, and my superintendent already ok’d the big one. Stay tuned.

8. The students at the poster sessions made my day. They were passionate about motivating teachers to use technology. This is what students want. Let’s meet them where they are. The kiddos I had the opportunity to talk to showed several different apps that they “persuaded” their teachers to implement in class. They built websites, they had data and they had smiles on their faces. Oh my goodness! These kids made my heart happy.

7. #CoffeCue with Alice Keeler. Do I really need to say anything else? This lady is a genius. I am not a morning person, but this event was absolutely worth getting up at 5:00 a.m. for.

6. Meeting everyone. Networking. It matters. Naysayers will disagree, but it does. This is a world of educators that are sharing. They are making their classrooms transparent in hopes to inspire, motivate and collaborate with other educators. Free resources at your fingertips to fine-tune your career if you will just let them. Why wouldn’t you want to?

5. TxEduChat people are AMAZING! Seriously. Join the chat on Sunday evenings. Everyone is so positive and so real. They share. They care. They motivate and inspire me weekly. I met a lot of these cool educators in Atlanta for the first time (ironic).

4. Summer Diamond is for sure one of my educational soul sisters. She is in it for students. She is constantly searching for new ways to make her kiddos successful. Not to mention that I would have looked like even more of a tourist than I did without her by my side. She walked me into registration. She walked me around Atlanta. She helped me pick out sessions. She attended events with me. We bounced ideas off of each other the entire time. We had an absolute blast. I am so glad that she was there to soak all of this in with.

3. I sat with Drew Minock at the Blogger’s Café for a bit where he walked me through the new Daqri for Education. First of all, it is so user friendly. If I can do it – you can, too. The ease of uploading YouTube videos to triggers will make my workflow so much quicker and easier. I am excited to start watching their webinars and tutorials. Brad and Drew are passionate about education and Augmented Reality. I cannot wait to sit back and watch their new journey unfold and learn even more from them.

2. #YouMatter – When Angela Maiers hugs you, she hugs you with her whole heart. Her love for changing the world of education is contagious. The #YouMatter panel led by my pal Todd Nesloney is something that every educator needs to hear. Maybe even multiple times a school year. We need to be refueled and recharged, and we always need to remember what matters. We need to remember why we do what we do. If you get the chance go to Todd’s page and find the link and just listen to this panel’s powerful words.


1. Remind is hands down the best group of people I know. They truly have a heart for teachers. I think they may be secretly southern because their hospitality is always impeccable, and they love to eat good food!! If you are not utilizing Remind in your district, shoot me an email. I will let you know how we use it in our district and how it has changed communication with parents and faculty. The tool is absolutely top notch, but the people of Remind are incomparable


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