Daisy Unscripted

When you take your first step onto this stage we call the world all eyes are upon you. Everyone is watching. Some waiting for you to fall; some waiting for you to soar. So step lightly, and step carefully.

This year has been a whirlwind of positive, unexplainable moments that I never want to forget. God has led me on a journey that has opened doors, knocked down walls and simultaneously fostered a wonderful relationship between the community and our school. In the past I have sat back basically hiding in the shadows of some pretty phenomenal mentor teachers. I barely spoke at parent/teacher grade level conferences. I never stood in front of a group. My co-teachers took care of all of that for me. Meek, shy and scared to say the least. Didn’t want to make waves or push any type of boundaries. But then all of this “stuff” started to happen, and I found my niche. Seriously. 

No matter how positive a person I am, sometimes human nature creeps in and takes over. This morning I was in kind of a slump, so I reached out to my PLN on Twitter for a little inspiration, and there it was. An article, from a lady that I know is wonderful because she shares my name, popped up on my feed. She spoke about how it was about sharing not promoting. If we don’t share, if we stop, then this huge chain of knowledge would eventually cease, and in the long run would have a negative effect on our students. People may not understand Twitter or blogging or technology in the classroom, but if we are being honest I didn’t either a year ago. So, I am not giving up. I will keep sharing the wonderful things that are happening. I will tell every teacher that I meet how Twitter has changed my career. I will share how blogging and being a connected educator has impacted my classroom. And I will smile.

Change is hard. It messes up schedules and creates messes. Change pushes buttons and boundaries. But it has to happen. We cannot stay complacent and expect our children to be prepared for jobs in the 21st century. We all have to be willing to get a little unconformable. We have to do things that we said we would never do. Like having a Twitter account, or presenting in front of other teachers, going on a news station, just making your voice heard. Because every voice matters. Some days I am tired, and I want to crawl under my blanket and pretend that I never started all of this. I want to just walk away from the nay-sayers, the attention, the responsibility of change and the self-inflicted pressures of making our school the best. But I refuse to give in. I refuse to be selfish. I refuse to stop. No matter what… I am here. This is my mission. This is my school. This is my community. This is our kids’ future.