Cross Campus Collaboration


12th grade & 4th grade

Color Poems are my absolute favorite thing to work on with my students. Hands down. I have a massive stack of Color Poems saved from years of teaching. Every year I change the lesson up just to see what works and doesn’t. This year I asked Sara Moore if I could get her 12th graders to work one on one with my students. Sara Moore is awesome! If you don’t follow her on Twitter…do it now! (@sarasmoore) So 19 4th graders and myself grabbed our iPads, hugged them closely, and took off to the high school library. When the high school students came in I gave them a few directions, and we were off and running. My 4th graders already picked out their color. They had their 5 senses chart with them as well. The high school students first helped 4th graders brainstorm different ways that the chosen color tastes, feels, sounds, smells, and looks like. Orange is a bonfire burning at a homecoming football game. Gray is the color of elderly people’s hair. Blue makes me think of emotions all jumbled up together. Black equals desperation. These kiddos came up with some great stuff. After brainstorming the high school students helped my students search google images for pictures that matched their thoughts. We had some cool pictures. A purple tiger, some orange running shoes, smoke floating up toward the sky etc. The older kids showed my students how to save the image to their camera roll. Let me tell you, I was so impressed with how well the older kids worked with the younger kids. My kids felt special. It’s just nice to do something out of the norm. Get out of the classroom. Move beyond the four walls. When we finish writing our poems we will then transfer them into a Haiku Deck. I love Haiku Deck because they are so simple to use. Haiku Decks also have the capability of being uploaded to our school’s Facebook page. Parents love to see the work that students have created. We are going to email the finished products to the 12th grade students as well. I urge you to collaborate with another class, grade level, campus or state. It will be an experience that all students and teachers will benefit from.


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