Teach from the heart!

By: Angela Moses

We have been working on our Critterkin project, “Start with the Heart,” for a few months.   It made me think, “What does that mean for educators?” What drives educators day in and day out?  I have been teaching for 12 years.  If you were to ask if I have changed since that first year, my answer would be YES!  The way I view my class, my students, and my co-workers is very different but in a great way!  My students drive my passion for teaching.  They complete my classroom.  What an amazing opportunity we have as educators!  We help students push beyond their limits, strive to be better, and reach for their dreams.  If we don’t, we are failing our students. My students know they can trust me and that I have their best interest at heart. As an educator, my day starts with my heart.  I have a love for what I do each day.  What can I do to help students to become life learners?  Each chapter in a student’s life will connect to the next.  I want their chapters to be full of learning.  We teach more that just subject lessons, we are teaching life lessons.  We need more that just paper and pencil.  Some life lessons are outside the four walls.  We can’t always leave the classroom but we can bring the world to our students. This past year I have done just that.  We are in a small community and some of my students never leave our town.  We have connected to students across the world. They are sharing, growing, and learning in a way that would not be possible had we not connected. We have amazing educators across the world that are joining forces for the betterment of our students.  The more I share, the more I grow.  Educators have been known to keep their lessons under lock and key.  Not anymore!  The gates have been opened and students are benefiting.  I see a difference in my students.  It is not just about technology.  I created an open environment for learning.  Once I let go of the control, my students realized they had a voice in their learning.  The students are driving the learning.  We have had amazing moments that were not planned.  Students discussing, collaborating, and working together.  It has been by far the most amazing journey to watch unfold.

Follow your heart and let it guide your vision for your classroom!

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