Critterkin + Collaboration = Campus Community


Warren ISD Teachers & Admins

We started this project in February, and I never dreamed that it would turn into something this big. I just thought it would be really cool for my students to have the chance to Skype with an author. I didn’t realize how beneficial these books and projects would be. Critterkin models kindness in a way that students understand. Children love animals. Being kind and not passing judgement are two prevalent elements throughout the Critterkin series. In a world where negativity and turmoil are grasping for our youth’s attention, Critterkin offers a refreshing opportunity to instill good morals and ethics into students at an early age.

We are a little over halfway through with this project, and I must say I will be sad when we are finished. That’s what the teachers and admin in the picture above are talking about. We don’t want to take the mural down. It’s a part of all of us now. The teachers, the admin and most importantly the students. This afternoon after bus duty we were looking at the butterflies that 1st grade put on the mural and discussing what was going up next. More and more teachers stopped by to look and chat about the mural. Before we knew it, we almost had a teacher from each grade level in the hall plus both principals. I looked around and smiled. This is what this whole project is about. Bringing us together as a campus. Showing kindness to one another.

Tomorrow I get to meet Jena Ball. I get to take her to dinner and discuss Critterkin further. Then I get the honor of bringing her to the best little school in Southeast Texas. My school. My family. I can’t wait to show them all off. Thursday can’t get here soon enough. WES students are going to have a blast meeting their favorite author and doing the Wiggle Waggle with her. Cheers to Critterkin!

One thought on “Critterkin + Collaboration = Campus Community

  1. The Critterkin project has truly been amazing! This project benefits our students on so many levels. Students are able to connect with someone who lives in a different part of the country, a concept that is foreign to many of our students due to limited traveling experience. Teachers are able to integrate artistic creativity in the lessons that will ultimately add to the mural. Most of all, students are actively engaged in lessons focused on compassion and kindness – the overall theme of the Critterkin Series. Thank you Jena Ball for an incredible collaborative project, especially at a time in the year where students and teachers both are feeling spring fever and the stress of state testing.

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