Lego Robotics + Teamwork = Learning in MOTION!


Angela Moses

Warren Robotics Team

Legos are not just for collecting on your child’s bedroom floor. I have stepped on many Legos in my son’s room.  It is something my husband and son love to do together.  They just don’t get picked up and that’s ok.  Legos have become a huge part of Education.  I have used Legos to teach many concepts.  Some may say that Legos are a distraction, but I would argue differently. We all still think we are a “Toys R Us” kid at heart.  Who wouldn’t want to use Legos to learn!  I recently started a Lego Robotics team for our GT program.  Which I will admit I knew nothing about! I attended a workshop at Region 6 in Huntsville.  I was given the opportunity to build a WEDO Lego alligator. Awesome!  My first thought was…HOW??  As I started working, the fun and learning began to take over.  It is full engagement!  Lego Robotics gives students the chance to use critical thinking, teamwork, predicting, and much more.  What I really love about this is that I am learning along with the students.  We are able to collaborate and learn together.  They see that I’m not an expert.  I have let go of the control and allowed the students to teach me.  It is great to see the learning unfold.  I love that each student is challenged with each new step of the robot. We should never stop challenging our students.  On our last Robotics meeting the students began building the alligator.  I put them in groups of 4-5 from different grade levels.  What I didn’t expect was how well they would work together as a team.  They found a way to communicate, collaborate, and compromise the building of each step.  I just stepped back and watched the alligator come to life.  Their faces….priceless!  Think about what you can do in a classroom setting with the different pieces of the WEDO Lego kits.  Students can build a character, tell story, and watch it go! It is about bringing new ways to learn in an open learning environment.  It is STUDENT LED and STUDENT ENGAGEMENT!



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