It’s About The Connections!


Thoughts from Mrs. Moses

One question, Are you connected? Ok so maybe two, How do you utilize your connections? I’m on my couch at home sick as I write this and I’m still connected to educators locally and around the world. How you ask… being connected! I have been thinking about the evolution of teaching! What has changed since the beginning? How have the changes affected our students? What is this new movement of educators reclaiming their learning and classrooms? I know, more questions! That’s how we find answers. I want my students to do the same, just ask if you don’t know the answer. These changes do not all happen instantly! It’s a gradual change that just starts with one person. It only takes one voice. Be the voice, model for your students, and be the positive leader for other teachers. A lot has changed since the beginning of the education system. It’s not the teacher up front, not the students in rows, and not the skill and drill. The change is that students are the focus and the teacher is the mentor in the center. Teachers learning along with students. Teachers showing students it’s ok to fail, and learn from those failures! That’s what makes us stronger. My students know that I don’t have all the answers. If we don’t know we ask or we Google. The students actually collaborate in the classroom. It’s ok to talk. Communication is how we learn. I’m blessed to work at a district that allows for me to make these changes in my classroom. It’s amazing to watch our district grow together. All educators at all levels working together for the betterment of ALL students. Since becoming connected, my students have experienced amazing things. We have Skyped all over the world, had a Google Hangout with Kodable, projects with 2 classrooms across the world, and found multiple resources to grow and learn. I have have grown as well! Thanks to Remind101 I had the opportunity to go to TCEA14. Being connected will open many doors for educators. Daisy and I won awesome tablets from HVEConnections. I have met many of the educators on my PLN, (personal learning network). Our Family Reading Night was awesome. Our students were able to Skype with Jena Ball and Marty Keltz to learn about kindness from Critterkins. When I began teaching they would just be a face in the crowd at a conference. We may have met but weren’t connected on level that we are now. I’m learning far more than years past. The amazing thing is it’s what I want to learn. How wonderful it is to learn as teachers what we need to help in our classrooms! Being connected is wonderful for resources. There are tons of great tech tools for teachers. Tools like Write About This, Remind 101, Educreations, Aurasma, Popplet, and Animoto. These are al great tools to start with in your classroom. You can connect with them on Twitter and you instantly have their help for any questions you might have. I have one word on why you should become connected….STUDENTS! We were called to do this job. It is the most special calling. I get to see students grow and learn. I’m excited when they are. We go through ups and downs! It’s an amazing journey to watch unfold. Be connected, be positive, and never stop learning! Be the positive leader and connect! We are better together, always!


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