Antonyms + Animoto = Opposites Attract!


Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Classroom

Antonyms are fun to teach! So many ideas go through my mind when I start planning! From antonym socks to antonym webs, it is hands-on learning! I wanted to have students create something fun while being engaged during the lesson. On this particular day we were matching words to the opposite meaning. I had a spur of the moment idea, they usually turn out to be the great “light bulb” moments for learning in my classroom. I thought, let’s pair the students with the opposite word and create a video. I divided the students and gave them a partner. They were then given one word. The students had to find an opposite word. I had them come up one at a time and rotate in a circle to show the opposites. They loved the concept spinning in a circle to get the effect of each pair of antonyms. We then created our Animoto video and added a cool song to match the theme of antonyms. What makes this spur of the moment idea better…..sharing it with parents! This is a great way to involve parents in what’s going on in the classroom. This is just one example of how Animoto videos are beneficial for students. There are multiple ways to use video in the classroom!


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