Techer Testimonial – Stacey Huffine



Stacey Huffine is a campus technologist at Fields Store Elementary in Waller, Texas.  Stacey has been with Waller ISD since 1994.  The first four years were as a 3rd grade teacher teaching math and science.  She then took a position as the campus technologist on an elementary campus and has loved doing that ever since.  She is a constant learner who is always looking for great ways to bring technology seamlessly into the classroom.  Stacey also helps teach GT and is currently leading the 4th grade group on her campus. She is also the co-founder of the technology training company, The 3 Tech Ninjas.  Stacey also helped start the top rated iTunes podcast, EduAllStars, and travels around the state speaking at different conferences and events with her fellow ninja, Todd Nesloney.

 Stacey co-hosted EdCamp Waller in 2013,  and is co-hosting EdCamp Region4 on May 3rd, 2014. Since becoming a connected educator in 2012 a whole new world has opened up.  It has made her job easier in finding ways to help teachers with classroom activities and has helped her get some of her teachers on her campus to see the benefits of becoming connected.


Favorite Tech Tools:

Google Apps, Google Apps, Google Apps!!!


Upcoming projects: After doing the Hour of Code on campus,  I am planning on diving deeper into coding with my GT kids as well as helping a coworker (Todd Nesloney) with an after school Tech Club once a week.


Stacey Huffine

Campus Technologist – Fields Store Elementary

District Web Facilitator


Any teacher that can be replaced by a machine, should be.” – David Thornburg


2 thoughts on “Techer Testimonial – Stacey Huffine

  1. Stacey…very cool website! Will share with my staff. Thanks for the great information. I see you love Evernote, too. It has been my lifesaver. I am a new blogger….welll pretty new. Also on Twitter @MandyVasek

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