Aurasma + Adjectives = AWESOME


Mrs. Marino’s 4th Grade Class

I have been trying to do this lesson for two weeks. Strangely, school in Texas has been canceled several times due to snow. What?? Finally, finally, finally we got the chance to proceed with our awesome adjectives.  Before I explain my lesson let me just say that it only took me about 30 minutes to make all the images that I used in the Aurasma Studio. That is nothing. Teachers spend more time on cut-outs etc. So, what I wanted to do was bring adjectives to life. Really make my students visualize  the effect adjectives can have in their writing. Before we started our Augmented Reality, I put two images of a dinosaur up on the big screen. One was in black and white, and the other was 3d and multicolored. We gave descriptions. We talked about which image we liked better. Then I asked them to compare the images to writing. Which would they rather read? The answer is obvious. I felt that by showing them these visuals and connecting them to actual writing, I had a great opportunity to target some higher level thinking in Bloom’s.  Next, I passed out a packet of five images. Five plain, boring images. The students had to write one sentence about each plain picture. Then they picked up their iPads and using the Aurasma app they hovered over the image. What happened next was magic. A vivid, brightly colored, detailed image popped up out of the plain image. The students exclaimed. They oohed and awed. It was great. They were excited. And every reluctant writer in my 4th grade class wrote and completed their ten sentences that day. They wanted to describe the images. They wanted to write so that they could move on and see what the next picture had in store. Teachers sometimes think that tech is just tech. They ask when will students actually put pencil to paper? This is a great example of how you can utilize both. They can go hand-n-hand. Students are not necessarily excited about the tech. They are excited about what you are doing with the tech. The same goes for pen and paper.



2 thoughts on “Aurasma + Adjectives = AWESOME

  1. I. Love. This!! How did you create the 3D overlays! I am a Graduate assistant at a University and my mentor professor and I have be pulling our hair out trying to figure out how to do this!

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