2nd Grade Inventors + Animoto = Weird Science

Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Class



What happens when you do not follow through with an idea?  When I asked my 2nd graders this question last week it really made them think.  They had several answers, some more in depth than others.  One student said, “Well I guess it will just stay an idea and that is sad.” This student made a valid point.  The most amazing inventions started with a simple idea.  I want my students to believe in themselves and  know that anything is possible.

How do you move from idea to creation? How do we show our students that it is possible?    I gave them the chance to do exactly that….create, be inspired, and invent!  I wanted them to create an invention that was original and creative.  A hands-on project that was student driven to become whatever they wanted.  We have been studying inventors for the past few weeks.  The students have been excited about learning how things are made.  We researched different inventors and the process of each invention they created.

The projects were due this past Tuesday.  The excitement has been building for their presentations.  I was just as excited as the students for the “BIG” day.  Then it came and nerves were starting to settle in their little tummies.  The presentations started, and I recorded them like I always do.  They amazed me!  So original and creative! I feel most importantly that they truly enjoyed this project while learning in the process!  It was the best day…..just listening and being inspired by my students!


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