Our Awesome Adjective Adventure Starts Here


Adjective Name Tags


Mrs. Marino’s 4th Graders

Adjective week is always so much fun.  There are so many different things that you can do and create.  I change things up every year, but one thing remains the same…my students adjective name tags.  They love them.  We add a little alliteration in with them as well.  Not only do my students get name tags but so does any faculty that will see them that day.   This includes the principals, RTI teachers, the computer teacher, the librarian and our awesome PE teachers.  Sometimes I think the faculty enjoys them as much as the students.  For the whole day we call the students by their adjective name:  Mighty Michael, Kind-Hearted Kamrie, Noisy Noah, Beautiful Brianah….it really is a ton of fun.  This year, of course, I wanted to add technology into the lesson.  I am going to break it down as easily as possible.

Day 1: My student teacher and I passed out adjective name tags to our students and staff.  We then introduced the lesson with a beautiful picture of a field of flowers.  The students gave examples of adjectives.  We then took it further by changing those adjectives into a synonym.  When finished we all grabbed our iPads and headed out on our Adjective Hunt.  We stopped at five spots throughout the school where the students had to take a picture.  We went to the cafeteria, the library, the gym, a 2nd grade classroom, and then of course to the infamous turkey bulletin board.  When we returned to class we took out our Writer’s Notebooks and charted 4 adjectives for each picture.

Day 2:  We started off by reviewing adjectives.  When finished we took out our Writer’s Notebooks and iPads.  We then went straight into our Write About This app.  My students are extremely familiar with this app.  We use it for a ton of different projects.  In fact, they beg to use it during class time.  Today they took a “selfie” and then uploaded it into the custom category.  Instead of typing in an actual prompt with their picture, we typed in “Adjective Adventure”.  The students then simply begin typing in their ten sentences.  They had to type in two sentences per pictures using their adjectives.  I had to leave out during the end of the class for a meeting.  My student teacher finished out the end of the lesson.  Let me tell you what was awesome though….as I was sitting in the meeting I started getting email after email of my students’ writing!  So even though I had to step out for the last twenty minutes, I did not miss a thing.  With this app students are also able to email their work to their parents.  I can imagine how excited parents are when they receive an email from their child during the work day.  They open it up and see some really cute and creative writing.  That has to brighten their day.

Adjective week is not over.  Stick around for Monday as I throw a little Augmented Reality into the mix.  This will be one of the best ways I have ever taught adjectives.  Talk about bringing them to life!


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