Socrative + Students = Success


Mrs. Marino’s 4th grade class

Do you ever get tired of grading paper after paper after paper?  Be honest.  Especially when you have to turn those grades into data.  Well, here is the perfect app for you.  Socrative.  Socrative allows you to give students quizzes through the iPad.  The app then takes all of the data and emails you a report. The report contains a grade, the number correct, and even the questions that each student has missed.  You can give students pre-made quizzes as assessments, or you can just call out questions and have the students send answers in right then and there.  The thing that I really love about Socrative is the ease to sign into the room.  I teach 4th graders, and sometimes log in names and passwords are hard to keep up with.  All my students have to do is type in the “room” number that I write down on the board.  Their first question is where they type in their name.  This app is a teacher’s dream.  It is easy, flexible, and can be used in any subject and any grade level.  Today was the first day that I implemented Socrative into my lesson, and I loved it.  My students thought it was really cool, too.  My student teacher is even going to use it for her lesson this Thursday.  I am pretty excited about this app and all the possibilities that it presents.


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