Techer Testimonial – Terri Eichholz



Bio:  I started teaching when I was 5.  My stuffed animals were great students, but definitely needed more intrinsic motivation.  The pay was awful.  Once I got my teaching certificate 16 years later, the pay microscopically increased, but the feedback from students became a bit more rewarding.  I taught 5th grade for 8 years, then moved to teaching elementary Gifted and Talented students, which is my current position.  This is my 23rd year of teaching – if you don’t count the Stuffed Animal Years.  I’ve lived in San Antonio, Texas since college, but was born in New Jersey and lived in Kentucky and Louisiana, too.  According to a recent online quiz I took, I speak Boston, Wisconsin, and Idaho.  I guess that’s what you get when you mix Yankee, Cajun, and south Texas…


Favorite Tech Tools:  Whatever works and isn’t blocked in my district 😉  Currently, these are: Google Docs, Aurasma, Haiku Deck, Hopscotch, Kodable, and Scratch.  I don’t know if these count as Tech Tools, but we are using Cubelets, Little Bits, and 3Doodler in our Maker Studio, and the students love them.  We are also beta testing some cool interactive games from Tangible Play that are very popular in my classroom.  For me, personally, Tweetdeck, Dropbox, Flipboard, and IFTT are my go-to tools for productivity and learning.


Upcoming Projects:  We are just getting started with our new Maker Studio (named B.O.S.S. HQ by the students – Building of Super Stuff HeadQuarters.)  The GT students are piloting it this semester, and we hope to open it up to the rest of the school next school year.  I am implementing Genius Hour with my 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  One group of 5th graders is preparing an Aurasma scavenger hunt to present their research.  All grade levels are learning more programming skills (1st-5th participated in Hour of Code and I have plans for extending their learning in each grade level). 


I am hoping to get several of my grade levels to do Mystery Skypes this semester.


I am organizing our 2nd summer of fun, free, online courses that 3rd-5th GT students in our district can take to enrich themselves during the break. 


Hope to see some of you at TCEA in February, or SXSWedu in March!


Ways to connect with me or my students:

Class Blog:

Twitter: @terrieichholz

Blog: http//




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