Techer Testimonial- Carol McLaughlin


Carol McLaughlin

Carol has been teaching for 22 years. She has taught in grades 1-3. She currently teaches 2nd grade at Greystone Elementary School in Birmingham, AL. Carol is a National Board Certified teacher and is passionate about given students a voice and choices in their learning. She strives to provide engaging activities to spark the desire to learn beyond the school day. Carol believes this applies to teachers as well and is very involved with her PLN on twitter. She is one of the moderators on #2ndchat which meets by-weekly on Wednesday nights at 7 pm CST. Carol also loves to collaborate with other teachers around the world to create better learning experiences for her students.

There are many ways to connect with Carol or her amazing students:
Twitter: @missmac100
Pinterest page:
Class twitter: @missmacsowls
Class kidblog:

Favorite Tech Tools:
Educreations, Toontastic, Kidblog, Storybird, Replaynote, Evernote, Pinterest, Google Drive/Docs, and Bookcreator

Upcoming Projects:
Her students are about to start research to create a class magazine. They are focusing on geography such as continents, landforms and animals that are native to each area. Each student will create a page and the pages will be complied together. Here is a link to view the magazine from last year. Each magazine takes a life of it’s own but it will give you the general idea.

Her class will write their own fairy tale and use the app Toontastic to create an animated version of their stories.

Her students wrote a list of “wonders” and will begin independent research to answer their questions. They will choose a way to present their learning to the class and beyond through the use of different apps, digital and non-digital tools.


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