A Decision to Blog!


Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way.
Dr. Seuss

Writing is something that opens your soul to the world. I love to write but have never shared. I was not for sure if I wanted to let my guard down. Did I want the world to know more about what I was thinking, or more importantly would the world even care what I thought?? If it had not been for Todd Nesloney I may never have chosen to begin this journey. He told me I had great ideas that needed to be shared! I’m very thankful to him and glad I listened! I would never have chosen to do this alone. When I first thought to start writing, Daisy was my first thought. We support each other in everything. We have a friendship that has grown, and we owe some of it to our love for education and our students! We have ideas that others may think are crazy, but we on the other hand thrive on! We complete each other’s craziness. She’s the first person I call for support, well after my husband! He calls us two teenage girls when we have have all our devices going at one time. We laugh and learn from my kitchen, and we love it! I’m blessed and thankful to have Daisy in my life!

We started this blog to share our classrooms with the world. We have a passion for what we do, and it’s what drives us to be better. We know that not everyone supports us in this endeavor. And that’s ok! We are going spread what’s positive about education. Our students deserve the best in ALL of us and that’s what Daisy and I are going to give them! We strive to make Education better, dig deep, and put our students’ needs first! It is about student learning, always! Starting this blog has opened my eyes and my soul! It is a way to reflect on my teaching.

I had never written a blog before. I will honestly say I was very nervous about sharing my words. Our words are personal. The blog was something I needed to do. The thought that maybe one of my lessons would help someone, was worth it! I’m also learning in the process. There was no turning back, staartechers.wordpress.com was born. We were so excited about this new chapter together. We love collaborating and working together. The blog has fostered new ideas and projects. We feature a Staar Techer each Sunday. This is an educator that is doing amazing things in their classroom. We love spreading the word about amazing educators. It’s what it’s about, sharing and growing! We have shared many lessons and we are learning more, day by day! I look forward to the new year! I can only imagine the possibilities of what’s to come!

This blog has been one of my best decisions. It would not have happened if I had not connected on Twitter. Todd was right, blogging was the best decision!


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