Becoming Connected + 2013 = Reflections from a Changed Edcuator


Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Class

Do you feel like you are missing a piece of your puzzle? To your classroom? I always reflect at the end of each year.  What was great about the past year?  What can I change and make better?  This past year has been different….in an amazing way! How, might you ask? I have truly changed as an educator.  A 360 degree turn!  I completed my puzzle! I became a connected educator.  Which means, I joined Twitter!  I have an amazing PLN, (personal learning network) to gain knowledge from,  get resources, or ask questions when I do not know the answers! Or just simply connect with!  They are amazing educators that know what it’s like to be an educator!  It’s nice to bounce ideas with fellow educators that will not discourage you!  I always say….WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!! Become connected!  It is a choice not to become connected!  It has been an amazing journey so far!  I can’t wait to what’s up ahead!  The best part, is that it will take you wherever you want!  I have met amazing people, been to Tech Conferences, and I’m signed up for my first EdCamp in Houston.  I’m also helping with EdcampESC5.  It will open many doors for you as as an educator.

This past year I also had the opportunity to return and teach in my hometown.  This has been a blessing for myself and my family.  I am able to teach in a school district that allows teachers to teach beyond the four walls.  We are blooming with technology.  I am blessed with a wonderful class.  They are gaining a love for learning, and they amaze me everyday.  I feel lucky to be able to watch my students grow each day.  It’s not about me, it is about the students and the learning connections they make. I am definitely the mentor in the center.  This group of students will forever be in my heart.  We have had many journeys together.  We had day 1 of iPads, which was the best day ever!  We have Skyped across the world, started projects with classrooms across the world, and they are ready for more. They are soaring beyond the classroom and it’s spectacular to see in action!

If you would have asked me in 2012 about my outlook on 2013, Twitter would not have been it!  It is by far my best choice as an educator.  I have truly changed for the better!  I love what I do!  I love my students and I want them to be successful. I want them to gain a love for learning.  It is wonderful to be a life learner.

I can’t wait for 2014!  It will be full of learning, laughter, and love!


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