Techer Testimonial – Jonathan So

Jonathan has been teaching for nine years, in the primary and junior divisions.  He lives and teaches in Ontario, Canada.  Jonathan’s passions lie in Mathematics and Technology integration.  He is very interested in the way that students learn and develop understanding.  His classroom is always in a state of inquiry.  Jonathan loves any collaboration project with any class.  Contact him at @MrSoclassroom,,  or

Favorite 🙂 Tech Tools:

Any digital recording device (both audio and video)  you can really do a lot for your classroom with those basic tools.  I also use YouTube and Google Docs, and any app that engages students in learning.
Up Coming Projects:
In January,  my students will be working on an anti bullying campaign by creating music videos and digital posters.  We also have a social justice math project with other students in different grades.  Still working out the concept for that.  Personally, working on a school wide math focus and learning about instructional rounds.

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