Techer Testimonial – Carrie Ross



Carrie Ross has been truly blessed to serve Texas students as a high school English teacher.  Freshly out of the classroom this school year, Carrie now serves teachers as the English Curriculum and Instructional Technology Specialist at Trinity ISD in Trinity, Texas.  Carrie attended Texas State University where she received her BA in English and later attended Sam Houston State University where she earned her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.  As a classroom teacher, she harnessed her school’s 1:1 initiative to integrate 21st century skills, to go paperless and to increase student achievement and engagement.  She uses these learning experiences to help struggling teachers effectively use and successfully integrate technology into their curriculum.  After attending a small conference on leadership in the digital age, Carrie had the revelation about the power of professional growth through social media.  Seeing the need for a statewide professional learning network that brings together all educators in Texas, she started the Twitter chat “#txed” to help begin conversations of change.  And from that moment, she has forever been positively changed.  Carrie is passionate about supporting teachers with technology, mentoring, and instructional strategies – whatever they need to be successful.

Favorite Tech Tool:  I think it’s impossible to choose a “favorite” technology tool.  Not because I don’t have them but because I think the tools you use should depend on the task you are trying to complete.  My favorite tools are conversation and collaboration that, coincidentally, don’t really need technology.  However, technology makes it easier for those things to happen!  My go-tos for conversation and collaboration are: Google Apps for Education (maximizes collaboration), Twitter (best conversations I’ve ever been privy to and also leads to some fabulous F2F conversations), Edmodo (as an avenue for collaboration/conversation with students for elementary teachers), Subtext [or the Kindle app] (conversations also happen text-to-text and it’s a great app to use with students), and Feedly (the conversations I have with myself often happen when I reflect after reading others’ blogs).

Upcoming Projects:  The one project I am most excited about is transforming our secondary library to a 21st century library.  We’re opening up tons of space, and we are putting in new furniture that is organic and mobile.  We’re getting ready to drop lines for 2 projectors that will then allow for three separate classes to run in the library (one projector already exists).  The projectors will also have the capability of a single input projecting on all three screens.  This will help for large class projects or our vertical PLCs.  Along with physically updating the library, we have 20 Kindles we will be preparing for student checkout.  Beyond this, I have other little projects in motion: writing articles from my masters research, providing training to higher education professors on using Twitter for professional development, preparing for TCEA, and blogging about all of my experiences.  I’m very much looking forward to all the wonderful things the New Year (2014) will be ringing in!

How to contact Carrie:

Carrie Ross

Twitter: @CarrieRossTX

Google +: +CarrieRoss

Pinterest: /carrierosstx


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