TodaysMeet + Skype Classroom = No Child Left Behind


Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Class

Do you have reluctant students when Skyping?  They are nervous or unsure about participating.  I mean we are talking to teachers and students around the world.  That’s a BIG deal!  I have only Skyped a few times.  My students’ excitement builds each time.  Skyping gives our students the ability to make connections that may not have ever been possible!  I am making connections, and let me just say it’s awesome!  I have been collaborating with two other teachers on a project re-telling the story from the “Grinch’s” point of view. We will create an eBook on Book Creator for the final product, and share with the other classes.  On Wednesday, we Skyped to discuss our versions and the story elements.  Jonathan So, the other teacher, created a TodaysMeet back channel for our kids to use during the Skype.   I have used TodaysMeet in professional development meetings, but I had never thought of using it with my students. My wheels were turning with excitement.  I went from zero to sixty getting all iPads ready.  Did I mention, it’s FREE!!  TodaysMeet is a free resource for students or teachers to use to communicate locally or in our case, across the world.  Once I had all students on the website, I had to discuss what the purpose would be for using a back channel during our Skype.  Which was to allow ALL students to be engaged in the Skype at ALL times.  They are able to enter their name and then ask away!  The question and answer correspondance between the students was AMAZING!!.  How often do students from Texas get a chance to correspond with students in Canada??  Not often!  It was immediate feedback by using TodaysMeet.  The best part, my shy/nervous students were fully engaged and loving every part of the Skype!  Thanks to Jonathan and the power of my PLN (personal learning network) , TodaysMeet will be a part of every Skype in the future!


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