A Question for the Grinch + Write About This = Inferencing 2.0


Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Class

Have you ever thought of having your students write a letter to their favorite book character?  Me either, until last week.  We are currently working on a “Grinch” project.  The students are re-writing the point of view from the Grinch.  We also started letter writing.  After we discussed the parts of a letter, we needed someone to correspond with. A student asked if we could write the Grinch.  I definitely thought that was a great idea.  The students had so many questions they wanted to ask the Grinch.   We completed one letter together to start the brainstorming process.  The students surprised me with how deep they were getting with the questions.  They have been fully engaged with this project from the beginning.  The next day we used the Write About this app.  The students downloaded an image  of the Grinch before we started.  They inserted photo and then began writing the letter.  Students started saying…”Do you think he will write back?  Where are we mailing the letters? ” The thought that “The Grinch” might read their letters, was driving some amazing questions! Inferencing and predictions were popping like lightning across my classroom! The lesson became meaningful to the students.  The letter to Grinch was the platform to build the rest of our project! Which will be to re-tell the story from his point of view. In my prior post, I mentioned 2 other teachers that joined with the project, Jonathan So and Carol McLaughlin. Each night we collaborate on Twitter and have great conversations about the daily progress our students are making. This collaboration has enhanced our lesson to a new level. Our classes will Skype this week to discuss our versions of the book. I can’t wait until the final eBook with Book Creator. We need to push beyond the page, beyond the book cover. When students do that, conversations with rich vocabulary will increase. Students will discover amazing possibilities within the book that will open the door to connections and learning. They will have questions they never thought before. This project has been a wonderful experience for myself and my students.


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