A Simple Post + an Amazing PLN = A New Point of View

@bookcreatorapp I’m thinking of a Grinch project w Book Creator Retelling point of view from the Grinch! #2ndchat #warrenisd #txed #elemchat

Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Classroom
This simple post has connected me to amazing educators across the globe. I did not know what was in store for this project when I started brainstorming.  Collaboration is a powerful resource for teachers. Carol McLaughlin and Jonathan So replied to my post and asked if they could collaborate and join along with my project. You probably know what I was thinking…YES!!!  This all happened just a few days ago!  The project is to re-write “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” from the Grinch’s point of view.  The students will create an eBook using Book Creator.  It is a simple app to use.  The students will be able to manage this app while being creative. If you are not a connected teacher, become one!  It will revive you, inspire you, and change your point of view of the classroom.  It will transform the way you think, teach, interact with students/teachers.  I was so excited to have Carol and Jonathan connecting with me on this project.  Once collaboration was initiated, we started Google Docs for Grinch Ideas, which is great when teachers live across the country from each other!   Carol started a Pinterest Board for Grinch resources, and she created a Google template for our groups to discuss the Grinch’s Feelings.  Jonathan created a Dropbox to save book pages and other great links to use for POV.  He created a graphic organizer template for students to use when organizing the Grinch’s feelings.  We are using Google images to use as clipart for our eBooks.  It’s been the best collaboration of sharing resources.  We are connected, learning more, and loving every moment!  Who will benefit….the students!  Thanks to my PLN (Personal Learning Network) and the decision to become a connected teacher, I’m able to join with amazing teachers across the world to learn, share, and grow.  At a more local level, I had a discussion with Joseph Iglesias in Family Dollar a few weeks ago about technology in the classroom.  We work at the same district. I believe if it had not been for Twitter, and being connected, we would have nodded and kept walking.  We had a great conversation about the new TouchCast updates and other things going on in our classrooms.  How amazing! Teachers inspiring teachers!

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