Techer Testimonial – Aimee Bartis



Aimee is an Educational Technology Specialist in Sunnyvale, Texas. She is a passionate about education and educational technology.  She loves working with teachers to integrate technology while keeping the focus on curriculum.  Aimee loves to say “If technology doesn’t support the curriculum, you’ve just got a dog and pony show”.  A native Texan, Aimee attended East Texas State University and received her Masters at Texas A&M University in College Station.  She has a GT endorsement from the University of North Texas and school librarian certification from Texas A&M University Commerce (formerly East Texas State University). A school nerd, Aimee has had to promise her loving husband Ryan that she will not take additional classes (for now). A thinker of big thoughts, Aimee blogs on the education website, www.gettingsmart.  Aimee is the mom of 3 active boys and 2 crazy chihuahuas.

Favorite Tech Tool: Google Apps for Education, hands down.  I love the way students can collaborate in real time with Google Apps.  Commenting and revision history are powerful tools for teachers within Google Docs.  GAFE also removes many home-school technology barriers such as incompatible systems and lost jump drives.   Number two would have to be Discovery Education.  DE offers so many resources for teachers and students.  Also, their teacher network, DEN can’t be beat!

Upcoming projects: I teach one class of 8th grade tech apps.  This year we are ‘hacking’ our class.  We looked at the Tech Apps standards and broke them down into skills and behaviors.  I direct taught the skills.  For the rest of the year, students are solving problems that are relevant to them while mastering the remaining standards.  After Thanksgiving, my students are educating us on their first problem/solution.  I’m so excited to hear what they’ve come up with.  We are blogging our journey at

How to contact Aimee:

Aimee Bartis

Twitter: @aimeegbartis

Google +: +aimeebartis


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