Book Creator + Twitter = Students Connected Globally


Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Class

What does Thanksgiving mean to a second grader?  I always ask my students each year what they are thankful for. It is a time for reflection, and the students love to listen and respond to each other.  It is my favorite time of the year. My students amaze me every day! The one thing my students all had in common, they were very thankful for FAMILY! Our Thanksgiving project was not what I thought it was going to be this year. One night while on Twitter, my favorite resource finder, I came across a teacher searching for classes to join her Thanksgiving project. Val Johnson wanted to connect her second grade students with students around the world.  She started “Our Global Thanksgiving Project”  with her students. Follow Val Johnson on Twitter, @vjohnsonsdb. Mrs. Johnson’s class of second graders wanted to give thanks by creating an eBook of classrooms all over the world telling one thing that they are thankful for. Once published to iBooks, students around the world will be able to read what they are thankful for. I immediately sent her a message and asked if our class could be a part of the project.  What an amazing way to show what our students are thankful for!  My students had already been working on a Thinglink project and Animoto video about Thanksgiving.  Mrs. Johnson sent a step by step link of how to create the eBook using Book Creator.  We created our pages by inserting our Animoto video, Tag Cloud, and a student writing sample about Thanksgiving.  My students are very excited about this project and that it will be published in iBooks.  They are also very excited to read the other pages that will complete the book.  The power of Twitter enabled Mrs. Johnson’s wonderful project to connect students around the world.  My students are blessed to be a part of this Global Thanksgiving Project.  We look forward to the final eBook!

Our Class Thankful Thinglink  –


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