Techer Testimonial – Sara Micheal Boucher



Sara Boucher is a geeky second year teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She is a rare commodity, in part, because she was born and raised in Las Vegas.  Currently she is cultivating the next crop of super-geeks in her second grade class.  They are a spunky bunch who are growing to love technology just as much as Sara does.  Her value as a nerd extends well beyond the classroom.  She has performed professional development trainings on a variety of issues such as; SMARTBoard use and application, understanding Dropbox, designing e-portfolios for UNLV student teachers, and basic computer applications.  In her ample free time, Sara is also the Steven G. Schorr Elementary webmaster and unpaid de-facto ECS. As a hobby Sara also tutors afterschool, is earning a master’s degree in Educational Technology, is working on a blended learning certification, and enjoys long walks on the beach.  Sara is invigorated everyday by the ever increasing use of technology among her students and their ever increasing understanding and enjoyment of it.

Through and through Sara is a born and bred digital native. Her heart is full of love for her students and anything technology.  Follow Sara on Twitter, @MsGeekyTeach.

Favorite Tech Tools- Skype, ColAR Mix,  QR codes or any AR application, my awesome Chromebooks,, Dance Mat Typing, and Google Docs.  For my personal use, Twitter, where I connect with my amazing PLN!

Upcoming Projects – I’m presenting at an Educational Meet Up in December and at the NCTM Conference in New Orleans next year. I’m also going to have my students blog  in the coming new year, and hopefully start coding.  Besides going for Master’s Degree and my certification in Blended/Online Learning, that’s all I’m doing 🙂


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