Aurasma + Touchcast + Cynthia Rylant = Bad to the Bone Book Reports


Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Class

We decided to put a spin on the traditional book report.  My class has been working on an author study of Cynthia Rylant.  We have read many of her books.  She is a wonderful author.  Her books are very vibrant, and full of wonderful descriptions that children love.  The past few weeks the students have read her books trying to decide on the ONE book they liked the most.  Let me tell you…hard decision!  Once they found their book, they had to write a great summary.  As teachers, you know summary is a difficult task for students.  After several drafts, they got it!  They created new book covers.  Students love to be creative and use their imaginations! I have several artists in my classroom. The book covers are very important because they will be the trigger when they create their own Augmented Reality.   We are now in the producing stage of our projects. We are creating Aurasma and Touchcast projects.  The kids are super excited.  The first project consists of the students recording their summary and making it into an Aura.  They will scan their drawing, which is the trigger, and their video of their summary will pop up. Talk about bringing book reports to a new level….WOW!  The students are engaged, collaborating together, and learning is enhanced!  Once they have finished their Aurasmas, they will then create a Touchcast video.  They love this app!  They feel as though they are in control.  Almost like they are the teacher!  Their Touchcast will include a video of the student reading the summary, a Vapp of a website of Cynthia Rylant, and a book rating. They really like the book rating.  It allows them to click on up to 5 stars. They are learning and having fun.

I love when my students preview their work for the first time!  Their eyes light up and they are amazed at what they have accomplished!  We are learning and growing together in my 2nd grade class, and I’m loving it!


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