Magnetic ABC + Elementary Students = Learning at their fingertips!


Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Class

Are you missing ABC letters? Are your alphabet arcs falling apart? If the answer is yes, then your classroom is like mine! My students are always losing the letters or mixing them up into different bags! It’s a never ending battle! I love teaching reading. Elementary students need to be able to move and manipulate ABC’s to make the letter/sound connections. Our technology department recently added Magnetic ABC to our iPads. It truly is learning at their fingertips. My students make words each week with their chunks. I love when we have the iPads because this is a very visual tech tool for students.The app has moveable letters. The students drag ABC’s into the pattern needed. It is very colorful and students can pull as many of each letter as needed. When finished , clear the board. The app also has themed pictures. This feature is great for students that need to connect objects with words.  We want students to build words independently and become fluent readers.  Fluency and comprehension is the end result!  The best part… more sorting letters and laminating arcs!


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