Aurasma + Meaning of American Flag for 2nd Graders = Capturing Learning Connections

Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Class


What does the American Flag mean to you?  Monday was Veteran’s Day.  We attended the school Veterans’s Day Program.  When we returned to class,  we had a class discussion about the different American symbols and what they meant to my students.  Most of my students are in some way connected to someone in the Armed Services.  My grandfather would always tell me stories of his time during WWII.  He is no longer with me,  but I will cherish his memory always.  I wanted my students to connect with their feelings and be able to share through their writing.  After our class discussion, the students wrote what the flag meant to them and drew a picture of the American Flag.  I decided to take it one step further, augmented reality!  It was not my day with the iPad cart, but it was totally manageable with 1 iPad.  I wanted the students to voice the meaning of the flag and connect it to their drawing! I used an app called Aurasma.  You first need to set up a channel on  Erin Klein has wonderful resources and tutorials on Aurasma at  I video recorded the students which created their Aura.  Next, I captured the trigger image of their drawing. The students then opened the Aurasma app, scanned the image, and their video popped up. I teach 2nd and we have just started using Aurasma. It’s the most amazing moment when they see their video pop up!  In the picture above, you can see the students hovering over their drawing.  This lesson was a wonderful way for students to connect the content of the lesson to their personal experiences.


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