iPad Deployment + 2nd Grade = A Day I’ll Never Forget!

Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Class


This memory is captured in my heart forever!  It was a day full of excitement and transformation of not only my students, but a transformation in how I would teach and integrate technology.  I have always used technology on some level. It does not matter what level of technology instruction you are on, iPads are very manageable in your classroom. The day of iPad deployment was like Christmas for the students as well as myself!  The iPad has not replaced my teaching, it has enhanced my teaching!  We had to discuss the rules! There are always rules!  Believe it or not, they listened!  My favorite rule is Apples down.  It helps when a student is off-task.  They must place their iPad upside down or, they will  lose time on their iPad. It never happens!! The first day the students used an app called Educreations. It is a great app for math.  It will record the student writing the Math problem and then the student can replay what they just did.  One great feature of Educreations is it is user friendly, and the students do well using it for the first time.  I recommend using it on day 1 of iPads.  Twitter is a great resource for iPad apps. @TCEA has great resources for educational apps. They will list apps that are free for a period of time. I teach 2nd grade, and we started with the basics.  It’s amazing how they navigate through the iPads now.  My students collaborate well in group projects while utilizing their iPads for research. Having iPads in the classroom will increase critical thinking and student participation.  We have many projects planned for the year.  If you have any questions please email me at:  angela.moses@warrenisd.net …..I would love to collaborate!


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