Techer Testimonial – Joseph Iglesias


Joseph Iglesias


My name is Joseph Iglesias, and this is my eighth year teaching. All of those years have been spent at Warren HS. Other than what I am now teaching (Physics, Chemistry, and IPC) I have taught Biology and Algebra. This year I have started a robotics team which involves tech/programming.
I love technology because it is always changing and improving.  It makes tasks easier for everyone and allows students to approach problems from different angles. It can add creativity to a student’s learning.
I have used Aurasma and several other Web 2.0 tools, but TouchCast is my favorite app that I incorporate into my classroom. I set my ipad on top of my chemistry stand  and video myself working out certain problems.  This is just one more way that teachers are able to help their students be more successful. They are able to access the videos at home, which leads to a less stressful “homework” situation.  One way that my students can access the videos I make via TouchCast is by simply going to the TouchCast app and searching for my name. Another way students access my TouchCast videos is by scanning QR codes that I add on to the top of their worksheets. When they scan the QR code, it takes them straight to the problems that I have modeled for the students for that particular subject matter.  My next project….. I will be putting together iMovie trailers to engage students and introduce new units.

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