Tellagami + Math = Expanded Learning on an Animated Level

Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Class


I absolutely love teaching math!  Math is hands on and visual.  Students need to be able to visualize the problem to grasp the concept.  I want to push my students as far as possible.  I want them to become critical thinkers.  What better way than to have the students create their own place value problems!  I stumbled across a wonderful math resource called Singapore Math.  It is a way to visually display math problems in the classroom.  I have an example in the picture above. The students had been discussing place value, expanded form, and written form.  I always integrate my lesson with technology.  I have an app called Tellagami.  Warning……..There will be no turning back once students open Tellagami! They will think you are amazing! The app allows the students to create a virtual talking avatar with a background. Which is so cool! Once the students have their avatar completed, then you can move on with the lesson.  I gave each student a 2-digit number.  The students had to type the number, what was in the ones place, the tens place, and then what the value of each place.  When they click preview, their avatar starts talking about the number.  You could almost say the students are teaching the lesson.  I have used Tellagami for a few of my lessons.  My students are able to create, model, and share their Gami’s.  We have given animated math a new meaning.

Tellagami is a great tech tool for teachers.  I have created Gami’s and embedded them into my Animoto videos.  You can also use a Gami for Center Time instructions.  I have created a Gami as my virtual self!  So cool if you think about it.  I hope you try it and love it as much as I do!


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