Animoto + Student Work = Capturing Learning Moments for Parents

Second grade was off to a great start!

Mrs. Moses’ 2nd Grade Class

I love to showcase my students’ work. You know, the once a year Open House. Students love to have projects and work displayed for parents to see. A few years ago I started making PowerPoint slideshows for kids and parents to watch at the End of School party. Not anymore! Animoto is totally the answer for teachers sharing student work. I thought why wait until the end of the year?? I decided to make an Animoto video at the end of each six weeks and email to the parents. I’m always capturing pictures of my students engaged in learning, or making videos of the WOW moments! Animoto has wonderful templates created and ready for you to insert pictures or videos. Our parents love to see these moments! They feel welcomed and a part of your classroom. Animoto helps create collaboration and communication with parents! Also, students can create videos with Animoto. It is a great tech tool for teachers and students!


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