Remind 101 + Educators = A+ Communication


Mrs. Marino and Brett Kopf

Have you heard of Remind 101?  Do you use it at your school or in your classroom?  If not, you should!!  Remind 101 is an innovative and tech-savvy way to contact parents in a safe, 21st century way.  I learned about Remind 101 a little over a year ago, and I immediately knew that I wanted to implement it in to my classroom.  I even introduced it to some of our teachers at our Warren ISD Tech Camp this summer.  It was instantly a huge hit.  Remind 101 is the easiest way that I have seen to send out a message to multiple people.  I mean let’s be honest, notes get lost between school and home, but with Remind 101 the message goes straight to the parents’ cell phone. This weekend I had the honor to meet and hang-out with Brett Kopf.  He is the co-founder and CEO of Remind 101.  If I didn’t already love Remind 101 enough, after sitting down with Brett and listening to his story on why the company was created made me love this company even more.  I’m not going to tell that story here because it is not mine to tell….just know it’s amazing, and it will pull at the heart-strings of any educator.  Look for Remind 101 updates soon….I hear they will be incredible!  Here are a few ways that my school utilizes Remind 101:

  • Principal and assistant principal have a Remind 101 account set-up to send our faculty reminders and any important updates
  • Instructional Technologist has a Remind 101 for entire district to send reminders of tech workshops and free apps
  • Classroom teachers have Remind 101 accounts for their homeroom classes
  • PE teacher has a Remind 101 account to send notifications for her after school Family Fitness Nights
  • Club sponsors have Remind 101 accounts to notify parents

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